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What you need to know if you're coming on the Weekend Away!

You should have a received an e-mail with some extra details that you'll need to know before you come on the Weekend Away. If you didn't receive the e-mail, please let us know here. The information is shown below. If you haven't already, please complete this form (before 10th February).


Not long now! We hope you are as excited as we are about the weekend away. Below is some information about the practicalities. Please dont hesitate to phone us (01865 769345) if you have any questions. On the weekend itself we will be contactable on 07779 099061 (Richard) and 07980 004395 (Jayne). Please read this all carefully as there may well be things you need to get back to us about


The venue is the Whitemoor Lakes Centre, Barley Green Lane, Lichfield WS13 8QT. Its about 1½ hours without traffic, but might take longer on a Friday night. If you need a lift (or can offer one), please complete the online form (link above).


Please aim to arrive anytime from 5pm on Friday 22nd February. The weekend will finish after lunch on Sunday and we'll depart from 2pm.


There will be tea and cake on arrival and a hot meal available from 7.30-8.15pm.

       If you are likely to arrive after this time and would like some soup set aside for you please let us know using the online form.

       The first meeting on Friday is at 8.30pm.

       It would be very helpful if you could let us know if you won’t be arriving until the Saturday morning (using the online form). The first meeting on Saturday starts at 9.30am.

A few specific things you may want to pack

       Towel and wash kit (bed linen is provided)

       Bible and pen (we will provide booklets for taking notes)

       Sports kit - there is an indoor sports hall and plenty of grass to play football, frisbee etc on. There is a swimming pool a short drive away which is an option for Saturday afternoon. There will be a run before breakfast on Sunday morning for those who wish!

       Shoes/wellies for muddy walks

       Indoor games to play with others in the lounges and in the games room


       Small change for vending machines and pool table

       Money for the bookstall - are providing a bookstall from Friday evening through to Saturday evening – they accept card payments

       Possibly your pillow if you are fussy about such things!


If the oldest person in your partys birthday is in

       January, February or March please bring some cheese

       April, May or June please bring some cake

       July or August  please bring some soft drinks

       September, October, November or December please bring some fruit.

(Please put all these items in the kitchenette of your accommodation wing).


Families very important (if you are a family!)


Childrens tea on FRIDAY: There will be a hot tea for children at 6pm on Friday this must be pre-booked using the online form. Parents are welcome to eat with their children: please indicate on the form. Final date for booking this is Sunday 10th February.


Childrens tea SATURDAY: The main evening meal will be at 6pm on Saturday, and there will be tea and cake available at 4 o’clock. For those with young children there will also be a cold childrens tea at 4.00pm again please book using the online form.


The centre has a small number of cots and high chairs. If you are unable to bring your own please let us know and we will allocate the centres ones on a first-come first-served basis. Each accommodation wing has a small kitchenette with a fridge and microwave.


If your children are very young you may want to bring a baby monitor. Although there is wi-fi in the main meeting areas this doesnt extend to the bedrooms.


We will need to clear out of all the bedrooms by 9.45am on Sunday morning. If you require access to a bedroom after this time so your child can sleep please let us know (see online form). Please note that we are sorry but this will not necessarily be in the bedroom you will have slept in over the weekend you may need to move your cot to another specified room. If your child will require a daytime sleep in a bed please specifically email us about this.


There will be communion during the all-age service on Sunday morning. A note about this from Al and Leon can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.


Any questions?

Please dont hesitate to ask Richard and Jayne Haynes ( or 01865 769345). Thank you in advance to those of you have agreed to help with various aspects of the weekend. If you havent been asked to help with something specific do please look out for ways in which you be able to help others during the weekend!


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