Ministry training

South Central Ministry Training Course

Based at St Ebbe’s and run for the whole ‘south central’ region (Southampton to Banbury, Cheltenham to Reading), the SCMTC aims to equip local Christians to handle and teach the Bible.
Bible teachers who handle the Word of God well are essential in today’s church. Within the congregation, home group, children’s club, youth group and amongst the elderly - indeed wherever the Bible is taught - we need people who can teach God’s Word in the power of the Spirit.
The Course
One day per week (Tuesdays 10:15 - 3:45); three 10 week terms, one year course with the option of a second (starting late September).

  • Chronological Bible Overview: Seeing how the whole Bible fits together from Genesis to Revelation.
  • Bible Books: A five week introduction to the outline and major themes of six different books of the Bible, covering the major genres.
  • Doctrine and Practical Ministry: These sessions alternate between key Christian doctrines and wisdom from experienced Christian workers on the practicalities of ministry.
  • Workshops: A different student each week will present a brief outline talk on a particular passage of the Bible followed by discussion by the rest of the small group and a trained leader.

The course is led by a group of local pastors headed up by Peter Comont (Pastor of Trinity Church, Oxford) and Vaughan Roberts (Rector of St Ebbe's). Other local church leaders from around the region also teach on the course.
The course is open to men and women with evangelical convictions of all ages who want to be equipped to teach the Bible in a variety of contexts. It is ideal for church workers and ‘apprentices’ as well as any who have the opportunity to teach the Bible and have the desire to be better equipped to do so.
Please see the course website for more information, or contact the course administrator (01865 240438).
St Ebbe’s also runs an apprenticeship scheme - a one or two year placement with us ‘having a go’ at full-time gospel ministry whilst receiving some ministry training.  Please email Jill Gascoigne for more information.

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